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therefore I am.

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Lucy Mushita is a prize-winning French novelist, essayist and public speaker who grew up in Zimbabwe during apartheid. Her novel Chinongwa is on child brides. It shows the harm caused by forcing or coercing girls into marriage.

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Her works are published in English, French, Italian and other languages. She has addressed College de France and the European Parliament. Lucy is also a Life Coach and a certified Teacher of English as a Second Language She has lived in Zimbabwe, France, the USA and Australia.

Books & Publications

Lucy is a novelist, essayist and public speaker. Her latest novel "Chinongwa" was translated into French and has just been reissued in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia. It's available worldwide.


Spinifex Press Australia, 2023

A riveting and emotional portrait of abusive conditions in rural Zimbabwe during the 1920s, this novel follows the terrible misfortunes of a brave and likeable young girl named Chinongwa as she grows to womanhood.

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News & Views

Lucy has had multiple book launches and interviews, she also writes reviews and participates in live events. To read or watch Lucy and get the latest news, simply click on one of the links below.

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Chinongwa Marehwa was nine, but her age was not vital, just her virginity. Though she was not yet washing, her fruits were already protruding. That was a relief for her family. Anyway, she was the only one they could use.


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